Perfect World - Retro PvP server

Main features:
Note:Server for PvP fans not for grind fans don't be carebear!
Language:PW MS & PW MY-EN
Race:Human, Beastkind, Elf
Skills:Normal + Lv79 & 100
Server rate:Normal 1x, but have culti and exp pill
Leveling:Normal way or with pills
How to get PW-Gold:Vote to server for 250 Gold
Elemental Elf:        On, like original server.
Start:HH90 set, money, shop gold (10 minute after registration), all skill maxed, full slot, Xp pills
Other:More fashion, flyer, instant cultivation pill in shop
Map info:Currently only world map is open

Account creation
Vote for item mall gold

We got update, please download manual patch and replace these files in client
download link here

This patch changes (v2 - 2016.10.30):
- item mall prices changed, added +10 Con stone (crit & channeling), HH99 mats, set etc, removed Wall of Fame
- changed start gear (full HH90+12 with 4 socket with Lv7 HP stones, weapon +9)
- dual fairy pill bug fixed and reseted the skills
- now start directly with level 79 culti and you can take lv89 quest from npc where you start
- Gold selling/buying disabled at Auction Hall for avoid the cheating with starter gold
- For Chrono World don't need anymore the chrono culti quest chain.